16-year-old students drowned cats in the well for Instagram likes

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In the Ukrainian city of Sumy, 16-year-old students drowned two cats in a well. A criminal case has been opened.

According to the Ukrainian press, the incident occurred on October 11 in one of the villages of the Sumy region.

16-year-old students drowned cats in the well for Instagram likes

On that day, two 16-year-old students came to visit their friend in a holiday village.

The whole company was relaxing and having fun. At some point, the two girls decided to mock the animals.

They took two cats and threw them into a deep well. One of the girls kissed the cat before sending him to certain death. Animals could not get out of the well.

While the cats were drowning, the girls filmed everything that was happening on the video and had fun, so they wanted to attract followers and collect likes on Instagram.

As the investigation established, the animals were not homeless – they belonged to the relatives of one of the defendants in the scandal.

The identities of the girls have also been established. They turned out to be students of the school of construction and design. One of the girls is trained as a hairdresser, the other as a manicurist.

A criminal case was opened against the girls. However, investigators warn: adolescents will not be seriously punished because of their age.

Photo: YouTube video screenshot

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