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A criminal case has been opened against a drunk resident of Khimki who stabbed a neighbor's Rottweiler with a knife. Dog owner Anna Safronova told Life that she and her husband were walking with the pet when a drunken company approached them, among which was a neighbor. He began to stretch his arms toward the dog, after which he pounced on it with a knife. “I think every sane person understands that the dog does not like being grabbed by its head and ears.” The dog snapped without causing any damage. Apparently, he regarded this as a personal insult, began to shout: “Give me a knife, I will kill Safronov, his wife and dog,” the woman shared. Anna said that they practically did not know the attacked neighbor. He often drinks with the company near the entrance and intimidates the locals. “They drink and set their own rules, even people here are afraid to testify.” A lot of people passed, summer, everything on the grounds, with children. People are afraid because they really represent a danger, the mistress of the dog added. A criminal case has been instituted against a man stabbing a dog with a knife, and he is on his own recognizance.

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