Features of the breed American Pit Bull

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The American pit bull is a relatively young breed with good potential.

Their character is sufficiently malleable and tender, which will allow the owner to build the correct hierarchy of relations. If you raise a dog correctly, then it is quite suitable for a family with a child.

They are very friendly dogs and are not particularly good at security functions. So that the dog can really become your protector, you should buy it in a certain kennel. Then do not forget that the burden of responsibility for raising an animal will fall on you, because if you run an American pit bull, it can grow quite aggressive.

He is easy to train, so you can do without the help of a dog handler, if you surrender to the matter in all seriousness. If you want to get a cat or other dog of smaller sizes, then remember that your dog will perceive them as game, so it’s worth accustoming to other animals from a very young age.

If another dog or other beast provokes an attack on a pit bull, he will not back down.

Photo: Pixabay

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