Got under a dropper. An unattended cat mated with five cats

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One of the cats needed a dropper so that he could recover.

It is known that the incident occurred in China. The owner of the animal left his blue Russian cat named Xiaopi under supervision in a special hotel, which is intended for animals.

Nzherald informs about the incident.

It became known that the staff of this hotel forgot to feed the cat. Moreover, they let him out for a walk around the room where cats were already walking.

It is worth noting that the owner said in advance that his cat is not neutered.

It became known that in a few hours the cat managed to mate with five cats. By the way, we are talking only about those cats that got on the surveillance camera.

After that, the cat was completely exhausted. He needed droppers in order to recover from a stormy night.

Photo: © Belnovosti

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