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Indoor flowers that can not be kept in the house, if there are animals

It turns out that some domestic plants can cause serious harm to the health of a pet.

The fact is that they can provoke severe poisoning, from which the tail can die immediately.

Therefore, experts called the flowers that it is better to give someone: someone who has no animals; or not buy at all.

These plants include: monstera, ficus, decembrist, aloe, chlorophytum.

These types of flowers do not lead to the death of a cat, but can cause severe poisoning.

It is noted that it is enough for the cat to lick the plant slightly once to get a huge portion of the poison in the body.

Excessively dangerous flowers that can cause death are also highlighted – azalea, dieffenbachia, geranium, oleander, anthurium, philodendron, asparagus, all amaryllis.

In addition, experts recalled that toxic elements mainly accumulate in the body for a certain time and only after a certain time cause poisoning or an allergic reaction.

Photo: Pixabay

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