Is it worth it to start a homemade squirrel

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Squirrels are quite unusual pets with their complex character and unusual behavior.

If you approach the issue of organizing her "place of residence" correctly, then the animal will not cause any particular problems. The cage should be spacious, at least 1 meter high. The optimal width is 50 centimeters.

Is it worth it to start a homemade squirrel

The diet of protein is very simple: spruce and pine cones, nuts. Sometimes you can indulge in apples, carrots and seeds.

It is not recommended to release from the cell, since the protein will not walk around the premises in the usual sense of the word. In addition, they can damage furniture and make a mess.

Do not forget to place a cozy sleeping place in the cage for your pet. By the way, in captivity the animal can survive up to 10 years. When buying, you should not save, otherwise you run the risk of getting a wild animal instead of tamed.

Photo: Pixabay

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