“Mango and chili, very tasty”: The girl baked her beloved horse in the oven

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A young American horsewoman baked her beloved horse in the oven and ate it.

She shared her experience with subscribers on Facebook and was harshly criticized.

According to her, a horse baked in the oven with mango and chili is the most delicious thing she has ever eaten in her life. As the girl said, the animal had to be euthanized due to illness.

The rider herself has lived all her life on the farm and is used to counting products, and she knows the price. The lulled pet was on the list of meat stocks.

After reading the post, many people were indignant and began to write various nasty things.

Many wrote to me that I deserve to die for eating my own horse. They also wrote that I should be forbidden to keep animals at all, ”the girl says.

The young horsewoman is sure that she did the right thing, in this way she honored the memory of her beloved horse.

Photo: © Belnovosti

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