Named the most dangerous areas of Belarus, on the roads of which large animals are increasingly appearing

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Drivers often encounter large animals on Belarusian roads. Most often, an unexpected encounter occurs with elk, deer and roe deer.

As the State traffic inspectorate of the Minsk region said, animals are increasingly appearing on our roads due to migration during the mating season.

According to the traffic police, for the current year in only one Minsk region, 23 accidents involving wild animals have already occurred.

Most often in the Minsk region, drivers meet ungulates on the roads of Logoisk, Borisovsky, Stolbtsovsky and Berezinsky districts.

Even special fences in busy areas sometimes do not help protect drivers from animal invasion.

Traffic police recommend drivers to remain vigilant on the roads, especially in the evening and at night.

Photo: © Belnovosti

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