The cat actively drops hair: 7 main reasons

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When wool begins to fall out actively, many owners immediately try to send it to a veterinary clinic to make sure its health.

However, before you begin to perform various actions, it is worth learning about 7 reasons why cats have hairs. And here it is important to note that the article presents only "universal" reasons, it is always necessary to orient oneself only according to the situation.

The cat actively drops hair: 7 main reasons


Shedding in cats is a normal process. It is scary if the cat does not shed at all. As a rule, molting begins in the spring, when the cat needs to lose excess hair. However, it often happens that molting begins in the autumn period, when the cat begins to prepare for severe colds.

Poor nutrition and lack of vitamins

For some reason, almost all the owners believe that if you buy specialized food for your pet, he will not have problems.

In fact, even the most expensive feeds may not have the necessary minerals in the diet. It is important to carefully monitor the diet and constantly change it.

For example, if you just don’t give fish for one year, the wool will start to fall out anyway, and modern feeds will not help.


Some may have an allergic reaction. The main symptoms are:

1] Redness of the skin.

2] Otitis.

3] Vomiting.

4] diarrhea.

5] Nasal discharge.

6] Itching.

To determine the presence of an allergic reaction, you will have to contact specialized clinics, there are simply no other options now.

Ticks and parasites

Street cats can settle ticks and various pests in their bodies. It is important to carefully examine the skin and determine its condition.

If the situation is neglected, severe skin irritation will begin. In this case, you should immediately contact a specialist, as parasites can lead to the death of a pet.


Lichen is one of the most dangerous infectious diseases. The causative agents are mold fungi.

Initially, they affect the skin, and then switch to wool. When the lichen changes to wool, this will indicate a high risk for the pet.

Such an infectious disease is most often manifested in weak cats. Healthy rarely get deprived, because their body is actively fighting it.

Solar dermatosis

Any cat can have a sunstroke. Many owners do not even know about it. However, solar dermatosis is the sure road to the death of the animal.

The danger of the disease is that, if you do not start timely treatment, squamous cell cancer will begin to develop.


Inflammation that occurs when there is insufficient care for the animal. For example, if a cat has weak immunity, metabolic disorder, folliculitis can calmly manifest itself.

It is most difficult to detect folliculitis, because its symptoms are difficult to determine. As a rule, the cat becomes more lethargic, her appetite disappears and other difficulties arise.

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