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Heart diseases are most often found in cats of such breeds as Maine Coons, Sphinxes, British Shorthair, among dogs – in dogs, St. Bernards and other large dog breeds. At the same time, the press service of the Moscow Veterinary Committee told about the first symptoms of such diseases. – As a rule, the first symptoms appear at six years old, but the owners do not immediately pay attention to the fact that the animal began to tire faster, it takes more time to catch its breath after games or simple walks. In some cases, you may notice that the pet has become less mobile, with physical exertion, the respiratory rate increases, the Moscow agency quoted the press service as saying. First, shortness of breath appears after physical exertion, and then at rest. Pets often breathe with an open mouth, and the gums become cyanotic. In this case, emergency assistance of veterinarians is already required. Among the risk factors for such diseases: improper maintenance, obesity, lack of physical activity. In addition, heart diseases are often found in Scottish fold, ragdolls, Siberian cats, bullmastiffs and Newfoundlands.

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