Dog Treats

All About Dog Treats


Dog treats for all dogs.Dog treats can be tricky.

I’ve used crumbly ones that left a mess in my pocket (which my beagle, Milo, “tidied up” by eating the bottom of my pocket. See: Sewing Kits).

Freeze-dried liver, if given a bit too generously to a dog who loves it, can result in epic and memorable stomach upset. (at 2 AM See: Carpet Cleaners).

Finding treats small enough for a toy breed puppy, low-fat enough forĀ “big-boned” dogs, or hypoallergenic enough of my “allergic to life” German Shepherd can be a challenge.

When matched properly to the situation, dog treats can motivate dogs in training, entertain dogs in food dispensing toys or just plain delight dogs in moments of loving connection with us.

If you need a specific sort of treat or have a treat problem/question, send me a note. I want to hear from you!


  1. Love your books and videos! I would love it if you had your own show. What kind of treats do you recommend for our new PWD puppy coming in two weeks!?

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