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Turkey dog treats is tempting for dogs and has some unique qualities. First, obviously, pure meat is grain free. Next, turkey is often what is called a “novel protein” meaning dog food is not usually made out of turkey. It can be given to many itchy dogs without causing an itch. Also, it is low fat (once the skin is removed) making it a help in weight-loss programs. And, most importantly, many dogs find it is motivatingly delicious!

Note: Freeze-dried treats are light-weight. There are a lot of treats in even a small bag.

Bravo! Premium Freeze-Dried Training Treats for Dogs, Turkey 2.5 OZ

  • Made from 100% Turkey thigh meat
  • Contain no grains, fillers or unnecessary additives of any kind. Perfectly sized to be held between two fingers for easy hand-to-dog feeding.
  • Chosen for their pet appeal, they offer the perfect, flavor, texture and aroma that dogs love to earn for good behavior.
  • Freeze-dried so they are not greasy or messy in your hand or in your pocket.
  • Packaged in a re-closable bag that helps lock in freshness
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Whole Life Pet Pure Meat All Natural Freeze Dried Turkey Treats 4 oz

  • 100% natural with no chemicals additives or preservatives ever
  • Every batch quality and micro tested for safety
  • Guaranteed to please even the most finicky dogs
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Fresh Is Best Freeze-Dried Raw Turkey Heart Nuggets Treats for Dogs and Cats

  • 100% USDA human grade freeze-dried raw turkey, and 100% grain-free!
  • Perfect for training, treats, or meal supplementation
  • Easy to chip away small or large pieces for training
  • One bag is equivalent to one pound of raw product
  • Great for feeders of raw food – treats can be combined for a tasty, balanced meal while on the go!
  • 4 ounces
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Bravo Bonus Bites Freeze Dried Turkey Heart, 2-Ounce

  • 2-ounce freeze dried all-natural grain free treats for cats and dogs
  • Grown and made in the usa in our usda inspected plant
  • No additives, perservative, artificial flavors. 100-percent grain free
  • Pure organ meat, a rich source of essential vitamins and good nutrients
  • An easy chew intended for quick consumption
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