A giant boar broke into a karaoke bar and staged a pogrom

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In China, a 143-pound boar pogroms a karaoke club.

The animal took advantage of the fact that the front door was not locked. The South China Morning Post informs about the incident.

It became known that the wild boar rushed to the bar and broke it. Soon he ran into one of the rooms and drove out the customers.

Later, the wild boar was scampering along the corridors and simply scaring people who clearly did not expect to see the animal.

The club staff managed to lock a boar in one of the rooms. Police officers arrived at the scene and shot the animal.

According to the police, it took three shots before he died.

In order to kill a wild boar, a sniper rifle was needed. No one was hurt as a result of what happened.

Photo: Pixabay

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