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I am a Veterinarian, working in the field of small animal veterinary medicine since 1999. Practiced in leading clinics in Moscow, such as "Bely Klyk", "Zoovet". My main areas of expertise are cardiology, surgery, anesthesiology, dermatology, ultrasound, laboratory diagnostics. I try to improve and improve my professional skills and knowledge constantly.

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Who put tigers in cages and sent to Dagestan

The transportation of a group of Italian tigers, which were stuck on the border of Poland and Belarus on the road to Dagestan, was entrusted to a company that transports horses. According to the RIA Novosti publication, citing a representative of the Vivisection Opponents League, …

Russian singer joking over dead body of cat

The honored artist of Tatarstan Firdus Tyamaev explained that on the road lay not a cat, but a simple rag. The famous Russian singer Firdus Tyamaev ran into criticism after joking with the corpse of a downed cat. Earlier, he posted a video in which, …