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Brown bears have become several times more likely to attack people, writes Scientific Reports. It is reported that scientists analyzed 664 confirmed cases of death or injury of a person after meeting this wild animal from 2000 to 2015. Judging by the resulting chart, in 2000 recorded less than 20 such attacks, and in 2014 – over 80. Most occurred in Romania (131 times), followed by Russia (111 cases), followed by Slovakia, Sweden and Finland. The researchers noted that mainly bears attacked in the summer during the daytime. In about half of the cases, meetings with females that had cubs ended up pitifully, that is, it was a “defensive attack.” According to scientists, more frequent attacks by predators are largely due to the growing tendency to acquire suburban housing closer to nature. The authors of the study complained that most people are simply not prepared for possible dangers, they do not know that bears are close, and no one informs them. Therefore, zoologists recommend constantly explaining to people where you can’t walk dogs and where you can’t walk at all. They urge you never to walk through the woods alone – it is much better to go in a big company and make a lot of noise, because it scares away the bears and they go away. In addition, scientists recalled that there are special gas canisters to protect against animals.

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