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Best Puppy Treats: How to Choose the Right Ones


Best Puppy Treats ImageAsking my upset client what treats they had been using, I instantly suspected why the pup had an upset stomach overnight: too many of the wrong treats. This dedicated puppy person had used rich, adult dog sized treats to reward their small pup during training. The results had been…memorable but not good.

What are the best puppy treats? I’m so glad you asked. Here’s what I use, in my order of preference.

  • Pup’s own kibble

    Using a portion of his own food can be some of the best puppy treats. They won’t cause extra water drinking or tummy upset as richer or new-to-the-pup treats can. True, kibble may not tempting enough for every pup but if you have a Hooverhund (a puppy who eats everything with equal gusto) then using their own kibble can work well.

  • Other small-breed kibble

    Many companies make “small breed” kibble meaning the pieces are really small. Get as small a bag as you can. Remove a bit to use as treats then put the rest in the freezer so it will stay fresh longer. Some pups find unusual foods more exciting and will work enthusiastically for them.

  • Mild, kibble-like treats

    Wet Nose Little Stars are some of the best puppy treats; a great choice for medium/large pups. Each treat is tiny, made of excellent ingredients and delicious to most pups (or so they tell me). They are, however, way too big for tiny pups.

  • Breakable Treats

    I love these treats because I can break them into the right size for the dog I am teaching. Wellness Mini Puppy Treats easily break each one into 4-6 smaller treats. So a little goes a long way. Other favs that can be broken or torn into much smaller bits : Wellness Grain-Free Jerky and Solid Gold Treats.

There are many options on the market—more all the time! What’re the best puppy treats? Tiny ones that your puppy loves. Find those and you’ll be able to be generous without causing digestive issues and that, let me tell you, is well worth taking the time to find!

Smile at your puppy for me. – Sarah





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