Cats can replace people with drugs

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Cats can replace people with drugs

It turns out that cats give a person not only aesthetic, but also a very real, tangible health benefit.

And according to doctors from different parts of the world, in some cases, these ponytails can even replace many medicines.

Here, for example, it would seem that the usual purr has a fairly wide range, which is well reflected in the human psyche, calms the nerves and even helps reduce pressure without the use of drugs.

By the way, researchers representing the University of California, which is located in the United States, have already conducted similar research studies listening to the rumble of a mustachioed.

As expected, the results of the work confirmed the hypothesis – purring treats nerves, blood vessels and the heart.

The most surprising thing was that during the scientific work there was no contact with animals, the volunteers listened only to the sound.

Photo: Pixabay

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