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Chicken Jerky Dog Treats: Buyer Beware!


Thumbs Down ImageMy client had waited years to get the dog who was romping at her feet. Waited for her kids to be off to college so she would have the time and energy for this dog. And she almost lost her last month. Almost lost her after getting her some chicken jerky dog treats that she thought were something special and healthy – not a risk.

But they were a risk – a big risk. Made-in-China chicken jerky is killing dogs and almost killed hers. Took two stays at the vet’s and a great deal of treatment to get this young dog back to health.

This came to mind when I was at a local pharmacy last night. I saw a bag of chicken jerky for dogs and checked it. It was plastered with words like “wholesome”, “grain-free” and “natural”. It had the name of a farm on it with a picture of a pastoral barn. It said Manufactured in the USA.

But the price was low – suspiciously low. I kept looking. And there, on the bottom, in small print was the truth: Made in China.

Manufactured seems to mean where the treats were bagged. Look for where it was MADE.

Grrr….. I hate when people are lied to like that and pets are, very possibly, put at risk.

When buying chicken jerky dog treats look for:

MADE IN THE USA (Even Better SOURCED in the USA)

See here:

Natural Chicken Jerky Dog Treats – 100% Natural Chicken, No Fillers or Chemicals! Made In USA!

If a product is Made in the USA, it will tell you so loudly and proudly!

Now, after all this chicken jerky bad press, companies say “Made and Sourced” meaning the jerky is made here from chicken grown here.

Another good sign:


See here:

Dog Gone Chicken Breast Jerky

Sadly, this is not a guarantee but I would be hopeful as I reviewed the packaging carefully.


You know what chicken costs. A 12-ounce bag of dehydrated chicken is a couple of pounds of raw chicken (guessing here but you get the idea). By the time someone processes it, bags it and sells it, it’s going to be pricey compared to other treats. It should be.

Want more chicken jerky options? Ready this blog:

Don’t let any company snow you. If an item looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Now you know!


  1. ah yes I have this discussion with ALL my clients. The difference between “made in” and “manufactured for” and “distributed by” is significant. One client, older and requiring reading glassses, saw ‘distributed by” but not the microscopic “made in china”.

    This was a great dane puppy, he caught salmonella, had explosive poop all over the walls, and spent four days in the hospital.

  2. This really gets me. Michael has pretty much banned chicken treats because of how hard it is to find SAFE treats (he’s a spur of the moment treat shopper). Ridiculous!!!

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