Dachshund first met a turtle and was shocked

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For the first time in her life, a dachshund saw a turtle. For her, it was so unexpected that the dog fell into a state of shock.

The incident happened at a ranch near the city of North Bay (Ontario, Canada). Employees videotaped the meeting of two animals, and then posted it on the Web.

The frames show how a 5-year-old dachshund named Pai walks around a frozen turtle, afraid to get close to it.

Pie is usually self-confident and used to consider herself the queen of a nine-dachshund ranch-based flock. But when she discovered the turtle, it blew up her brain, the authors of the video said.

Judging by the frames, the dachshund is obviously not happy with the turtle. She sniffs at her, growls and barks. Getting closer to the reptile each time, the dog then immediately runs back.

Some users left comments in which they noted that they were ready to watch this video at least all day.

“Pai fears that she might face a“ deadly ”ninja turtle,” joked other users.

Photo: YouTube video screenshot

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