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Digestive Treats: Gas Relief for Dogs

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Your dog can clear a room with his gas, wake you from a sound sleep, make the entire family gag. It’s so bad, your dog leaves the room to get away from the smell. You need some gas relief for dogs.

There are many reasons for this that I’d like to go over before you go any fart-ther.

  • Short Noses – Short nosed dogs gulp air when they eat. This is one of the things that make many boxers and bulldogs the kings and queens of the category. Options: Use Food Dispensing Dog Toys or Anti-Gulp Dog Bowls to eliminate the gulping.
  • Too Much Food – If you feed more than the dog can digest, gas results. If your dog has chronically soft stools but your vet says all is normal, this could be the cause. Try cutting back your dog’s meals by 10-15% or splitting it into another meal to minimize this issue.
  • Wrong Food/Treats/Chews for Your Dog – Like people, some dogs can tolerate some foods and not others. Doing a slow food change or skipping edible chews for a bit can resolve this issue. Use the treats listed below.
  • Eats Too Fast – Same issue as the short-nosed dogs and same fix: Food Dispensing Dog Toys or Anti-Gulp Dog Bowls.
  • Cannot Digest Well – Any dog can have this issue but Boxers and German Shepherds have a lot of it. Try some digestive enzymes. It can be a quick and easy fix.

If you want to give dog cookies that will help, rather than compound, the problem here are a few to select from:

STAM 114 6.0-Ounce Charcoal and Cranberry Grain Free Dog Treats

  • Grain-free and gluten free
  • Human grade and all natural
  • Perfect for dogs with sensitivities to common ingredients
  • Made with pride in Oregon
  • A different model on every bag
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Vetri-science probiotic treats can help with canine digestion.Vetri-Science Probiotic Everyday Bite Size Chew for Dogs, 60-Count

  • Assist in digestion and prevent gas, bloating and bad breath
  • Enhance the function of the immune system
  • Promote regularity
  • Produce vitamin b and enzymes
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Probios dog treats help with dog digestion.
Probios® Dog Treats – Digestion Support – 1lb Pouch

  • All natural
  • Peanut butter flavor
  • Good source of live, naturally occurring microorganisms that promote a healthy microbial balance
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Charcoal Dog Biscuits help some dogs with gas.Char-Tar Old Mother Hubbard Dog Biscuits, small bones (20 oz.)

  • A new standard in dog biscuits.
  • Ingredients include: oatmeal, molasses, chicken, charcoal, eggs, apples, carrots.
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Other options include Vet’s Best Gas Busters, Purina Veterinary Diets Fortiflora Canine,Vetri-Probiotic BD for Dogs,Digestive Enzymes for Dogs Powder – 364 Servings, HomeoPet Digestive Upsets, Trophy 85-Gram Prozyme Powder.

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  1. Strider LOVES the Char-Tar treats.. And we definitely think they make a difference. Thank the olfactory gods.

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