"He kicked, threw a leash." In Gomel, a man in the street beat his dog

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In Gomel, a man severely beat his pitostaff dog on the street.

A shocking case of animal cruelty occurred on September 8 in the morning.

The witness of this incident was a girl who told about the incident. Gomelchanka said that she saw a man with two dogs near the stop "Boris Tsarikov Street".

The woman was interested in the man’s behavior, and she began to watch him. According to the witness, the dogs looked painful and did not obey the owner at all. Each dog pulled a leash in its own direction.

Dogs are bats, and, constantly, shy away from each movement of the "owners", they look bad, the redhead has problems with the joints, the Gomelanka quotes "SN".

When the man went into a deserted area, he suddenly began to beat one of the dogs with his legs on the body. From blows the poor animal was compressed and tried to run away. However, the owner of the dog threw the leash from side to side, causing the dog even more suffering.

Soon the woman caught up with the man and they went down the street together already. According to the girl, she did not begin to shoot the beating of the dog, since the man was at a great distance from her.

Photo: video screenshot

Video: YouTube

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