Home Ferret: Pros and Cons of Content

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A ferret is a cute and unusual pet that may not be suitable for everyone.

What are the advantages of an animal:

1. They are so sociable that other animals can easily be friends with him. Just remember: if a cat or dog is an adult, they need to be trained in a new pet so that they do not perceive it as prey.

2. Playfulness. These are not lazy animals, they will gladly support any initiative or they themselves will act as the initiator.

3. Curiosity. His natural interest will not let you get bored.


1. The specific smell of the glands.

2. Thieves. Everything that he likes, he will steal and hide.

3. Fairly expensive animal in terms of maintenance and care.

4. Too likes to dig. The furniture will be the first to suffer from this hobby.

Photo: Pixabay

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