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Near Grodno, the summer resident picked up a homeless cat on the street. A few days later, the animal died of rabies.

The incident occurred on the territory of a holiday village near the village of Karolino, Podlabensky village council. According to the newspaper "Perspective", one of the summer residents picked up a kitten on the street.

By appearance, the cat was healthy. A few days later the kitten bit its new owner during the game.

The man took the animal to the veterinary clinic to give the cat the necessary vaccination. However, the next day the cat died, and doctors shocked the man with the news – the cat was infected with rabies.

Currently, the man is undergoing treatment. In the area where the incident occurred, quarantine was introduced for 2 months. The services carry out the necessary anti-epizootic and anti-epidemic measures.

In addition, an unscheduled capture of stray animals was announced in the area.

Photo: © Belnovosti

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