In Russia, a man was not allowed on the plane because of a fat cat

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A resident of Vladivostok had to replace his cat with a lighter one when weighed at the airport in order to carry it in hand luggage.

This is reported by the Russian media with reference to the message of the Russian, which he published on his page on Facebook.

In Russia, a man was not allowed on the plane because of a fat cat

A man flew from Riga to Vladivostok with a transplant in Moscow with his cat. During customs control at the Moscow airport, the cat was weighed.

It was found that the cat is two kilograms higher than the norm allowed for hand luggage.

The man told his subscribers that his cat was quite difficult to transfer the previous flight to Moscow.

The man tried to explain to Sheremetyevo employees that the cat cannot be sent to the luggage compartment for 8 hours. He will not fly alive, and if he does, then for the rest of his life this flight will be a dream for him in a nightmare.

However, airport employees were determined, they refused to take responsibility "for two extra pounds."

As a result, the man decided to skip the flight and stay in Moscow. He later found a similar cat, but a smaller mass.

When passing control, the scales showed an acceptable norm, a man was given a boarding pass.

He later said that he got home safely.

Photo: Facebook

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