Killer whales ate a congener in front of people

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Several killer whales killed a humpback whale cub in front of people who went on a boat trip in Australia.

The attack occurred off the coast of Ballina. ABC informs about the incident.

It became known that the male and the female, along with the cub, calmly swam not far from the tourist boat. However, suddenly a flock of killer whales surrounded them.

There were approximately 30 individuals who were ready to attack the family. They managed to repel the cub from adults.

According to the participant of the excursion, killer whales almost strangled the cub. They jumped on him and covered the hole through which he breathed.

Parents of the cub tried to save the baby, but there were too many killer whales.

For several hours, predators circled around the boat and ate the cub.

Photo: Pixabay

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