Little thief charmed the owner of the garden

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A resident of the state of Delaware Jeff Permar very carefully cares for his small garden, which is behind his private house and next to the forest.

And of course he was very upset when he realized that some strange animal began to regularly come to his garden and eat a variety of vegetables (Good news about animals –

The animal did not cause much damage, but Jeff was still very unpleasant, he put a lot of his work into the garden and he was very upset, because nothing like this had happened before.

To find out who comes to his garden, Jeff installed a surveillance camera in the garden that responds to movement. He put it right next to those bushes, the fruits of which the animal feasted on.

And soon the camera finally shot a shaggy thief. It turned out to be a marmot, arrogant, but at the same time so cute that Jeff fell in love with him.

Groundhog eats almost all vegetables, from green tomatoes to cucumbers

The groundhog chewed with stunning calm the stolen vegetables right in front of the camera lens, as if posing for a man. The man’s anger at the thief quickly disappeared, he gave the groundhog the nickname Chunk and began to upload videos with them on the Internet.

And these clips he has already accumulated more than a dozen. In the end, Jeff even created a special channel on YouTube, where he began to upload a video with a marmot eating his vegetables.

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