Mal, yes daring: the fearless mouse fought back the cat

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In the animal world, many funny situations happen, after learning about which you can laugh for hours.

A video appeared on the network with an interesting scene that took place on the streets of the Turkish city of Istanbul.

The rat chased away the cat that was hunting her to feast on dinner.

The video shows how a black-red-white tail is trying to catch a rather large rat, but at some point something went wrong.

As soon as the rodent appeared from behind the fence and the cat was ready to mercilessly take her life, the rat decided: the best defense is an attack.

The principle worked, the frames show that the cat was left in a little shock, apparently she did not have to deal with such curious situations in her cat life.

The winning rat ran to the nearest wall and ducked into the slot.

And the taken aback predator remained in place in complete bewilderment.

Photo: Pixabay; Video: You Tube

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