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Evgeny Kochkin from Novosibirsk rescued five puppies from the basement of a dilapidated house on Zheleznodorozhnaya Street. The underground dog rescue operation lasted two hours. A 19-year-old digger told Life about the details. “The zoo defender called me and asked for help getting the puppies out from under the rubble of the house. It was a wooden big house, it is destroyed. There was one floor and a basement, where there were puppies. I went into this house alone with a phone camera and a saw, found a hole in the floor and climbed there. I sawed myself a passage with a saw. The difficulty was that everything could collapse. And that mother of puppies could come. She could have bitten me, ”says Yevgeny. Puppies, four boys and a girl, are now with zoo defenders. They try to find owners for dogs. Eugene Kochkin is an employee of the administration of Pervomaisky district, and in his free time he climbs abandoned houses and rescues animals. In his social networks, he regularly posts reports and looks for owners for the rescued four-legged. Karelian policeman previously also saved two dogs. They were returned to the owner.

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