Petition for business right to help animal shelters created in Belarus

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The petition was initiated by Brest's animal welfare initiatives.

The organizers of the request are asked to expand the list of goals for which sponsorship may be directed by decree No. 300.

The initiators are asking to include in the list also “animal welfare, assistance to street animals and for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases”.

In published on the website The report said that organizations in Belarus whose activities are focused on the protection of animals are deprived of the opportunity to receive sponsorship from legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

According to the organizers of the message addressed to the Ministry of Economy, this state of affairs is a consequence of the imperfection of the legislation and requires correction, for which it is necessary to make certain changes to Decree No. 300 "On the provision and use of gratuitous (sponsor) assistance".

Brest animal protection initiatives ask to expand the list of goals for which sponsorship can be directed.

Such a change in the legislation will allow non-profit organizations to take on important functions in the field of work with street animals through attracted sponsorship.

Currently, such functions are performed by local authorities at the expense of budgetary funds.

Photo: © Belnovosti

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