Pit bull puppy died saving children from a poisonous snake

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An eight-month-old pit bull named Zeus saved the children of his masters from a poisonous snake at the cost of his own life. Fox35 writes about what happened in Florida, USA. As it is specified, two boys washed a dog’s bowl and did not notice a coral snake crawling to them. The dog reacted to the danger and rushed to the uninvited guest. Before the pit bull managed to bite off the snake’s head, it managed to bite it four times. After the incident, the dog was taken to the local veterinary clinic, but the specialists failed to save the dog. “Pit bulls are the most loyal dogs I know, and I had many different animals,” admitted dog owner Gary Richardson. Richardson’s spouse noted that the poor behavior of the dogs is the result of poor breeding. She added that she owes Zeus a life for saving her children.

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