Scientists have discovered the secret of the invulnerability of Komodo’s monitor lizards

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Komodo lizards are one of the strongest reptiles on the planet that can easily defeat game, which exceeds them in size.

Lizards live only in Indonesia, since in ancient times they often became the subject of interest of hunters. They are so dangerous that they attack a person.

The results of the battle are deplorable: one on one, we have no chance to emerge victorious from the battle. Therefore, scientists are interested in what is the secret of their invulnerability.

It turned out that the armor of the monitor lizards was originally conceived by nature as protection from their own kindred. To such conclusions, experts from the United States came after observing individuals at different periods of their lives.

By the way, the Komodo lizard prefers to live alone, weighs about 70 kg, the body length reaches 3 meters. The lifespan of a monitor lizard is 70-80 years.

Photo: Pixabay

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