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Italian reproductive technology specialists have managed to obtain two viable embryos of the northern white rhino, writes France Presse. It is reported that this gives hope for the revival of this almost extinct species. According to the agency, in early August 2019, scientists extracted ten eggs from the organisms of two surviving females nicknamed Nadzhin and Fatu. Recall, they live in a reserve in Kenya. In 2018, the last male, whose name was Sudan, died there.The females were unable to carry their offspring on their own, so the researchers resorted to artificial insemination. To do this, they used the semen of dead males, which they kept in the freeze for many years. Of the collected eggs, seven were suitable, and only two of them eventually began to develop embryos. While they are stored in liquid nitrogen, and soon they plan to place females of the southern white rhino in the uterus, these are the closest relatives of an extinct species. They will act as surrogate mothers. To do this, six applicants are already preparing at the Rhino Rescue Center in the US San Diego. Special hopes are associated with a female nicknamed Victoria, because she had already endured and gave birth to a completely healthy cub, artificially conceived.

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