Specialists told how long it takes to walk a dog to prevent obesity

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We are responsible for those who we tamed, so if you decide to have a pet, you need to understand that you will have to carefully monitor its health and condition.

In animals, as in humans, obesity is a fairly common problem, as the owners are very fond of overfeeding their pets.

Specialists told how long it takes to walk a dog to prevent obesity

Veterinarians recommend walking with the dog for 2-3 hours to avoid negative health effects.

The physical activity of four-legged pets is very important to prevent their obesity, the press service of the Moscow Veterinary Committee reports.

In addition, experts emphasized that people often have pets for themselves, but because of work they leave them food at home for the future and practically do not walk with them, only on weekends.

As a result, pets eat almost twice as much as normal, so walking with a dog is a must.

If a cat lives in your house, then equip it with a place for playing, purchase toys with which the tail can have fun on its own. For example, special houses where they can play, climb and jump.

Veterinarians recall that obesity contributes to the development of heart disease, urolithiasis, diabetes and dermatitis.

In addition, in no case do not add sweet, fatty, flour and pasta to the pet’s diet.

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