The bison made a commotion in Tolochin: looking for a "girlfriend"

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For several days now a bison has been walking near Tolochin. A forest dweller also visits the outskirts of the city. Apparently, getting acquainted with local attractions.

As reported on the air of the TV channel Belarus 1, the animal behaves calmly and confidently.

The bison made a commotion in Tolochin: looking for a "girlfriend"

Citizens believe that the district center of Vitebsk region attracted the bison by the opportunity to taste the shoots of winter rape.

Some residents were puzzled by the sudden appearance of an unexpected guest. And some of his visit a little scared.

How to behave to people when meeting with a bison? Now the question is relevant for residents of Tolochin.

You should leave this place calmly, without making any sudden movements, lunges in the direction of this animal. It will behave exactly the same in relation to humans, ”recommends Nikolai Svidinsky, head of the Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

According to the expert, this is a large animal – a male who has reached puberty. In search of a "girlfriend" he "travels" along the routes he knows. Naturally, do not forget to eat.

Experts believe that the bison should soon return to its usual habitat.

Photo: screenshot from the video channel “Belarus 1”

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