The danger was near. The girl was waiting for Halloween, but met a real monster

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Five-year-old Kristina Przybilsky from the United States decided to go into the yard and check the mailbox.

It is known that the girl should have sent a costume for Halloween. The child did not even realize that a coyote was wandering around the neighborhood.

The BBC informs about the incident. According to the young American, she checked the box, which turned out to be empty. Then she decided to play a little on the playground and ride on a swing.

When the girl approached the swing, a wild animal ran past her. Of course, this was unexpected.

The predator rushed through the yard at full speed, and then rushed right at Christina.

He ran so fast that he touched the child. However, the girl managed to break away from the animal that was chasing her.

“I felt his ear, he touched it with me and almost bit me by the rib,” the American said.

The girl screamed. Her parents, who were at home at that time, came running to her cry. Coyote has already disappeared by this moment. The girl told them about the attack, but they did not believe it.

Then she showed them the video from the security camera that recorded the animal.

Now the girl does not walk in the yard unaccompanied by adults to ensure safety.

According to neighbors, predators live in a forest, which is located near residential buildings. At night, the sounds of fighting and the howling of coyotes come, which is a little annoying to the locals.

It is worth noting that the animal could accidentally wander to people. Probably, the coyote was scared no less than the girl who was lucky to break away from him.

By the way, coyotes are dangerous predators. They are wonderful hunters.

Photo: Pixabay;

Video: YouTube.

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