The elephant whose photos from the parade shocked the zoodefenders is on the verge of death

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About the terrible state of the main entertainment and almost a symbol of Esal parahera – the Festival of Teeth – it became known the other day when photos of Tikiri were published on Facebook on the page of the Elephant Rescue Fund. The old elephant was on the verge of exhaustion, and her bones protruded through her skin, writes The Sun. Usually a terrible thinness Tikiri hid a beautiful festival costume, but the volunteers managed to remove the elephant without him. They hoped that public outcry would force the authorities to stop this torture of animals. But more information has recently appeared. After the parade, Tikiri is so exhausted that she can no longer get up. She lies with difficulty breathing, and the workers around her do not know what to do. But just before the festival, when the elephant was already struggling to stand on her feet, the veterinarian recognized her as suitable for a long parade. Volunteers took terrible photos that hides the costume of the elephant participating in the parade

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