The faithful dog, sensing the death of the owner, followed him after 15 minutes

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One day, the family of 25-year-old Stuart Hutchinson from Alloa, Scotland, suffered two losses: the beloved son and husband died, and behind him the French bulldog Nero. Stuart fought a brain tumor for five years, and his family and faithful dog helped him in this. The guy had three dogs, but Nero always stood in a special place, Mirror writes. Neither surgery nor chemotherapy helped Stuart much, and two remissions later, the doctors told him that the cancer had spread too much. Not wanting to die in the hospital, Stuart went home to his mother, where his wife Danielle constantly came. On that very day, the girl’s father jumped into the house of the young spouses to pick up her glasses, where he stumbled upon Nero. The dog lay motionless, which scared the man pretty much. He took the bulldog to the clinic, where he was informed that he was somehow able to get a back injury. Leaving the dog in the care of doctors, the man went to Dani to give points. There he learned the terrible news: Stuart passed away, losing the battle with cancer. And the bell that rang out immediately added grief to the family: the bulldog died in the clinic, as if having felt the death of the owner. The faithful dog was waiting for the owner at the hospital bed, not knowing that he was no longer alive

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