The faithful dog was waiting for the owner at the hospital bed, not knowing that he was no longer alive

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In the Facebook group dedicated to rescued dogs in New Jersey (USA), a post appeared with just one photo. But she and the explanation for it caused a flurry of emotions among users of the social network. In the photo, the three-year-old dog Losyash (Moose) sadly sits by an empty hospital bed. He is waiting for the return of his master, but, unfortunately, he died, writes Unilad. Under the photo explained that Losyash is a half-breed Labrador who loves everyone, but now he has a broken heart. He needs a loving family who can help him cope with the loss. Network users were shocked by this story, they began to spread information, and in just a couple of days the post gained 5.3 thousand likes and 4.4 thousand reposts. The power of the Internet helped, and Losyash was taken from a shelter in less than a week. A bride invited dogs from a shelter to the wedding to find a new home for them

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