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A horse rescued from a forest fire in the US state of California unexpectedly returned to a burning stable to help other horses.

This is reported by the tabloid The Sun. According to the source, after a fire broke out, the horse was urgently evacuated to a safe distance from the fire.

The horse returned to the burning stable and saved the family from death

However, the animal behaved strangely.

The horse turned and rushed to the blazing stable, in which other horses and foals remained locked.

As a result, they managed to save all the animals from the ranch. It is noted that only one mare perished.

A 28-year-old animal named Mayer had to be euthanized after she broke her front legs during a gallop.

Horses, like other animals, were affected by a raging forest fire that spanned about seven square kilometers in southern California.

As a result of the fire, thousands of residents from the cities of Symi Valley, Murpark and Tauzand-Oaks were evacuated.

About 700 firefighters took part in extinguishing the fire.

It was previously reported that a resident of the city of Redding, California, managed to survive during a fire tornado.

The man hid under an abandoned bulldozer.

Photo: © Belnovosti

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