The largest animals on the planet

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Fortunately for modern man, all the terrifying giants of the past are prehistoric creatures that disappeared during evolution.

However, their size is simply amazing:

1. Megalodon. Huge shark. The length of the body was about 20 meters. 1 tooth of an adult predator does not fit in a teenager’s hand.

2. Titanoboa. 13 meter snake. The largest snakes these days are almost 2 times smaller in size.

3. Paraceratio. Ancestor of a rhino. Despite the fact that the animal was a herbivore, its appearance could well inspire horror: they reached 5 meters in height.

4. Gigantopithecus. Huge monkeys who preferred to eat bamboo. Their growth reached 4 meters.

5. The absolute record holder is a blue whale, whose dimensions reach 33 meters. However, unfortunately, this species is on the verge of extinction: there are no more than 5,000 individuals worldwide.

Photo: open source

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