The lion turned out to be smarter: a woman climbed into the aviary to a predator for the sake of Instagram video

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A video appeared on the Web in which a visitor to the New York Zoo in the Bronx climbed over the fence into an aviary to a lion and teased a predator.

A woman stood a few meters from the lion almost at the edge of the narrow moat that separates them.

She even tried to portray dance movements, thereby provoking a predator. At the same time, she told him that she loved him.

Some users after watching the video noted that the predator was "surprised" by a similar trick of a woman.

To the delight of those present at the zoo and all the subscribers, as a result of such a trick, nothing critical happened.

A visitor to the zoo safely left the aviary.

Despite the fact that the woman said that she was not afraid of anything alive, her bravado did not impress subscribers.

Many noted that "the lion turned out to be smarter, he looked at her as if she were crazy."

Many were glad that no tragedy occurred because of the woman’s rash behavior, no one was hurt.

As a result, it became known that the zoo filed a complaint. The video, as European sources write, was already interested in the police.

Shocking video from inside the Bronx Zoo shows woman who climbed into lion exhibit.

There was a moat between the woman and lion, but the zoo says this was “a serious violation and unlawful trespass that could have resulted in serious injury or death.” Https://

– ABC News (@ABC) October 2, 2019

Photos and video: Twitter

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