The Ministry of Natural Resources has calculated the cost of all animals, forests and water in Russia

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The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology has updated the estimate of the value of all game animals, as well as forest and water resources in Russia. This is reported by RBC. So, according to the updated data of the department, the total value of 21 species of hunting animals in Russia from moose to mouflon amounted to 267 billion rubles as of the end of 2018. It is noteworthy that the figure announced in 2017 was more than 400 times less and amounted to 0.6 billion rubles. “It is unclear what is associated with such a significant revision of the value of hunting animals, but perhaps the Ministry of Natural Resources corrected the inaccuracy of the previous estimate,” noted in Publications. The first line in the rating is occupied by moose, the cost of which in Russia is 88 million rubles, the second line is occupied by roe deer – 46.7 million, and wild reindeer – 28.7 million – by the top three. At the same time, the gap with the fourth position is not so great – the total number of Siberian musk deer is estimated at 27.1 million rubles. It is noted that the amount of compensation that poachers will now pay for dead animals has also increased. In such cases, a fixed rate from the Ministry of Natural Resources is used as an analogue of market prices. For example, for one lynx killed, violators will have to pay 40 thousand rubles, for moose already 80 thousand, and for each bighorn sheep – 100 thousand rubles.

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