The pregnant woman tried to frighten the stray dog ​​with a rifle and became the target of bullying

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A resident of the cottage village "Cambridge" in the suburbs complained of bullying by the management company. Karine told Life about the real conspiracy against her: about group chats demanding to write a collective complaint and even send the pregnant woman to compulsory treatment. According to the woman, the Criminal Code uses a video in which she walks through the village with an air rifle. The woman posted the footage on her Instagram account, after which they migrated to various messengers and social networks. “Given the current situation, please be vigilant and if such incidents recur, immediately inform the internal affairs bodies and security guards to prevent unlawful behavior,” they call in the management company. Karine told her version of events. “We have a construction site in the cottage village, from where dogs periodically run out. This is not the first time I've come across this. For five days the dog walked. She bit one child, pounced on another. She did not throw herself at someone, but played. I walked with the neighbors with the dogs, this dog jumped out healthy. I immediately realized that he wanted to bite, and when I started to raise my spitz, he began to try to bite him. He bit me at the same time, I tried to fight off him as much as I could. We beat her, everyone shouted, – recalls the interlocutor of Life. After that, the pregnant woman decided to scare the dog away. She took her spitz home and took an air rifle. According to Karine, she did not begin to charge the weapon, she wanted to drive the dog away with a loud sound. The woman was engaged in training and knows that animals are afraid of them. Her husband was filming what was happening, and she posted the pictures in her social networks. “The management company cuts my video in its official account and uploads that a woman with weapons was walking. Then a chat is created with all the tenants to sign a statement. Then the district police called me and says that they wrote a statement on me and asks if I went with a gun. Today I am informed that the Criminal Code has written two statements. Under the first, they invite everyone to come collectively and sign in order to attract me on the 222nd article. This is after there is a clear refutation that this is not a firearm, but pneumatics. The second statement: they invite me to sign, to recognize me insane and to send me to compulsory treatment, ”Karine says. She says she has been forced to go to the procedure for several days to keep her pregnant. The interlocutor of Life does not want money from the Criminal Code, but she demands that they publicly apologize in their accounts and chats for defamation. According to her, the company now does not intend to admit the mistake. Instead, they are trying to reinforce their legend about a local flayer with new “facts” – they posted on social networks a video with an allegedly missing dog. Previously, Life wrote about a resident of Novosibirsk who lost weight up to 32 kilograms due to bullying of classmates.

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