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Training Treats: Truly Tempting


Truly tempting treats are for special occasions and for treat-resistant dogs. They are your “surprise bonus” for a job very well done (or that you want to teach to be very well done). Working on head turns away from squirrels or skateboards with your target-acquired terrier? Or confidence with a deficit dachshund? Or rocketing-recalls with your rambling rover? These are the treats! Use them to make a big impression on your dog.

Try these if you have a turn-up-his-nose-to-treats dog. Had one just this morning. Was told that she would not take treats. Never had in all her six years and never would. And then she met my Merrick Bite Sized Lamb Canine Training Treats and it turns out that she, like all dogs, has her price.

Dr. Harvey’s Freeze-Dried Green Tripe Power Patties Dog Treats, 3oz

  • Freeze-dried, raw green beef tripe
  • No preservatives, no artificial flavors
  • No coloring agents, dyes
  • About 20 patties per bag
  • Resealable 3 ounce package
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Break these up. A little goes a long way.

WARNING: Nothing stinks like tripe. Okay, not true, whatever your dog rolled in at the park right before you had to put him back in the car may have stunk a bit more but no TREAT stinks like real green tripe. Tripe is the Listerine of the treat world, horrible stuff but works so darn well you use it anyway. When I really – REALLY – want to get a dog’s attention, I use tripe. Oh and buy a treat bag while you’re at it. You don’t want this stuff in your pockets. Just sayin’

Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Beef Tripe Dog Treats

  • Vital Essentials include promoting weight control, thick glossy coats, healthy digestive system, firm muscles, strong bones, white teeth, healthy gums, high energy and a long, happy, healthy life.
  • Ingredients: Beef, beef tripe, beef lung, ground beef bone, beef liver, beef heart, beef kidney, beef blood, beef fat, herring oil (a natural source of vitamin D) d-alpha tocopherols, mixed tocopherols, (a natural antioxidant), natural vitamin E.
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Merrick Bite Sized Lamb Canine Training Treats 5 oz

  • Hard, crunchy treats.
  • Good as-is with medium to large dogs.
  • Ingredients: Lamb Lung
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  1. Glad that my dog is not finicky about her treats! LOL!

    • I hear you! There are so many great treats available now (which are, of course, reviewed here) but when you have a dog who won’t takes treats or a dog who won’t take treats in a given situation, then you need to bring in the “big guns” – the big stinky guns!

  2. I will have to try this. My dog is really picky about treats but when we find one he likes, he responds really well to them for training.

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