Veterinarian saved the life of a dog whose owner wanted to put him to sleep due to excess weight

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Little is known about the former owner of Kai, but he is of little interest to anyone. After all, to bring his faithful friend to such a state, and then only an unworthy person can lead to death. But now the dog is waiting for only care, love and attention, because he was in the hands of Pam Haggy, writes Metro. The girl sheltered the retriever and immediately took up his weight loss. Indeed, even the climb to the porch took Kai about twenty minutes, with breaks for rest. Pam put the dog on a strict diet and began to deal with it. Every day the couple went for walks, and at first the results were, frankly, unimpressive. But water aerobics was added to the walks to strengthen Kai's hind legs, and things immediately went smoothly. For a year and a half, the dog managed to lose more than 45 kilograms, and now it is no different from an ordinary healthy dog. The faithful dog was waiting for the owner at the hospital bed, not knowing that he was no longer alive

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