Veterinarians talked about wild animals that a person is trying to domesticate

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People like to surround themselves with animals, because in their society no one will be able to feel truly alone.

Some experts believe that in this way we are trying to build our ecosystem, because we love nature.

Veterinarians talked about wild animals that a person is trying to domesticate

All animals were once wild, even our usual pets – dogs and cats.

However, in the modern world you will not surprise anyone with such animals. Veterinarians talked about wild animals that we are trying to domesticate at this point:

1. Fenech. An amazing breed of foxes that behave like dogs (active, friendly, playful, curious, moving, need walking), but their compact size is closer to cats. The average weight of Fenech is only 1.5 kilograms. The animal walks on the tray and does not tolerate cold.

2. The boa constrictor. Of course, it is rarely possible to meet a person who can boast of such an exotic pet, but lovers of huge snakes exist. For their maintenance it is necessary to purchase a special spacious terrarium, so that the boa was where to turn around. By the way, these snakes have a wonderful memory and perfectly remember "their" person who will not be touched – if they do not feel hunger.

3. Raccoon. In the photographs they are very cute and charming, but do not let yourself be fooled: a raccoon is an unusually active animal. If you have become a happy owner of a handsome man, then you should be very careful about your valuables, because otherwise they will be spoiled or securely hidden. It is also important to take into account the fact that it is strictly forbidden to use physical violence against a raccoon, since the animal will perceive “training” as aggression and without a shadow of doubt will attack the offender. By the way, raccoons are used to eat 3-4 times a day.

4. The chameleon. Extraordinarily graceful creatures who need special conditions of detention. At a minimum, you will have to buy a special lamp and a terrarium for your pet, as well as buy insects to feed the pet. Since chameleons are very calm creatures, you should also be restrained next to him. Otherwise, you can scare him.

Photo: Pixabay

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