"What a puss." The guy did not like animals until he met the one who turned his views on life

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A guy from the UK found himself a furry friend while walking.

Prior to this, the man did not like animals. However, his opinion changed with the advent of this beautiful creature.

"What a puss." The guy did not like animals until he met the one who turned his views on life

The media is informed about the incident. People left the little rabbit to its mercy. However, the man managed to give him a second chance at a beautiful and comfortable life.

Noticing the baby, the young man simply could not pass by, so he took him with him.

That day, Sean's walk route ran through an abandoned nursing home. Despite the bad weather, he still went for a walk. This is probably fate.

It turned out that he was in the right place at the right time. Walking past an abandoned building, the guy found a small rabbit who was clearly scared, which is not surprising.

He was probably abandoned by former owners who no longer wanted to take care of him. He was all wet, trembling from the cold.

The man simply could not ignore this sweet creature. Of course, he took him to his home.

The guy named Brody the rabbit. For three years they already live as real friends.

They became so friends that the Briton spends all his free time with the rabbit. The man also created an account on the social network Instagram, in which he publishes photos with a furry friend.

By the way, the rabbit poses beautifully and feels comfortable in front of the camera. Judging by the photo, they like to watch football, play together and chat.

It is worth noting that the rabbit calmly walks throughout the apartment. He loves to sleep at any time and in different places.

Photo: Instagram

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