“What are you laughing at?” Danish Prime Minister's report provokes hysterical laughter in parliament

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A wild laughter in parliament was triggered by a report by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, which was associated with the results of the work of the Cabinet of Ministers.

In her report, the Prime Minister informed her colleagues about the new law, according to which it is forbidden to exploit some animals to perform in the circus.

However, when it came to the government buying 4 elephants from one of the circuses, Mette Frederiksen simply could not help laughing.

The fact that the government had to redeem a camel, which is supposedly a faithful and devoted friend of an elephant, and it would be difficult for them to live without each other, also warmed up the emotional tension.

After finishing the report, the Prime Minister burst into rampant laughter, her colleagues supported her.

Mette Frederiksen also thanked the far-right sector of the parliament for supporting the purchase of the camel, despite the fact that his name is Ali.

Photo: Pixabay

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