What dog breeds are not suitable for families with children

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Some dog breeds have their own character traits, which will become an obstacle for the pet to get along with the child.

Which dogs are not suitable for families with children:

1. Akita Inu. A very attractive dog, however, has its own philosophy. They do not like outsiders, especially children. They are loyal to members of their family, but they may not obey, acting in the way they see as right. For example, they may be aggressive towards a person or any other animal and not respond to your commands. By the way, even if the Akita Inu is smaller than his opponent, the proud dog will still enter the fray.

2. Husky. The blue-eyed beauties, of course, are very kind, but remember what impressive dimensions they are. Husky can not control the influx of love and tenderness, in addition, they are very mobile and need the attention of their owners. It is unlikely that a person with a small child has an extra couple of hours of time that are necessary only for walking.

3. Chihuahua. In this case, it is worth pitying an animal of modest size: it is unlikely that children will be able to treat it carefully and carefully. Kids are very jealous and may well hate a new family member to whom the owners began to pay attention.

4. Corgi. Despite the modest dimensions, Corgis behave dominantly in relation to a person who could not establish the necessary boundaries and show who is the main in the family. Then the dog is very difficult to retrain. A child Corgi will a priori be perceived as one over whom one can dominate.

5. Pekingese. Representatives of this breed do not like it when someone begins to shamelessly violate the boundaries of their personal space, so that, defending themselves, they may well bite the playing baby.

6. Alabai. The dog is very large, which inadvertently can hurt a child. During the game, they do not immediately obey commands, because by their nature they are a little slowed down.

7. Also, for various reasons, breeders do not recommend a Dalmatian, Basenji, Doberman, Russian Toy as a pet.

Photo: Pixabay

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