Who put tigers in cages and sent to Dagestan

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The transportation of a group of Italian tigers, which were stuck on the border of Poland and Belarus on the road to Dagestan, was entrusted to a company that transports horses.

According to the RIA Novosti publication, citing a representative of the Vivisection Opponents League, Andrea Casini, the company did not equip the truck with large cats.

Who put tigers in cages and sent to Dagestan

According to Andrea Casini, tigers were acquired at a private family-owned enterprise.

Such an enterprise grows for sale and trains tigers, as well as other related species.

The representative of the League said that this family is quite famous in Italy. Previously, the couple was engaged in bears and primates, but now it has become prohibited.

Casini stressed that now this family can be blamed for the improper transport of dangerous animals.

They entrusted the transport of tigers, probably in order to save money, to a company that does not specialize in transporting such animals, but deals with horses.

Horses are not known to be transported over such long distances. In such transportation, the tigers lacked the ability to move, they did not have access to fresh water.

A representative of the Dagestan zoo was sent from Russia to Italy to agree on a deal.

The Russian also accompanied the truck in a passenger car. According to Casini, there are currently two Italians who also traveled to Russia as escort, and the Russian is arrested.

Earlier, the Polish side said that the transportation organizer, a 32-year-old Russian citizen, was detained in Poland.

The Polish prosecutor charged the citizen of the Russian Federation with animal abuse.

If the fault of the Russian is proved, then he faces up to three years in prison.

Recall that after the incident on the Belarusian-Polish border, when the car with the animals was not allowed to go further due to the lack of certificates required in Belarus, the animals were “stuck” on the border from October 26 to the night of October 31.

After that, a truck with exhausted animals arrived at the zoo in Poznan, where predators will undergo rehabilitation.

Five tigers will later go to the Spanish center for the rescue of exotic animals. The remaining tigers will remain in the Polish zoos of Poznan and Wroclaw.

Photo: Pixabay

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